Uniting communities through Latino arts and culture

With a vision to unite communities through Latino arts and culture, Diamante Arts and Cultural Center (DACC) is dedicated to the preservation, development, and promotion of the culture, heritage, and artistic expressions of the diverse Latino and Hispanic communities in North Carolina.  DACC organizes activities and programming that develops understanding and appreciation of these communities. “People tend to think because we’re often lumped into one demographic, that we’re homogeneous, and we’re not,” founder Lizette Watko Cruz said. “We’re talking about 20 plus countries with different cultural norms, traditions, beliefs, and gastronomy. Just because one person speaks Spanish doesn’t mean they’re the same as the next one. Even amongst each other we have to learn about one another.”

DACC is primarily a volunteer-led organization, with an engaged board of 11, two part time staff, and hundreds of volunteers.  This dedicated team puts on the Ritmo Latino Music, Dance, and Art Festival, the 3 Kings Day Parade, as well as lectures, documentary screenings, and art exhibits. The Latino Diamante Awards, their flagship event, honors individuals or organizations that are making significant contributions to the Latino/Hispanic community of North Carolina through a state-wide public nomination process.