Mrs. Biddle valued the input and wisdom of her friends and trusted advisors, and, from the beginning, the foundation’s Board of Trustees has included family and non-family members. The foundationcontinues her practice of actively engaging members of the community to serve as trustees. Currently, the board is comprised of three family and four non-family members.

Since its inception, Mrs. Biddle’s family has played an integral role in guiding the foundation.The original trustees includedher son Nicholas D. Biddle, daughter Mary D.B.T. Semans, and son-in-law James H. Semans, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Semans both served on the board for nearly 50 years, as chair and vice-chair, respectively. Succeeding generations have continuedto oversee Mrs. Biddle’s philanthropic legacy. Granddaughter Mary Trent Jones was a board member for 32 years, including eight years as chair. Today, family trustees are grandson James D.B.T. Semans and great-grandsons Jon Zeljo and Chris Harris, both of whom have chaired the board. Ben Jones, great-grandson, joins the board in 2018 as Mr. Zeljo’s term ends.