Application Procedures

PLEASE READ: Application processes are changing significantly! We are moving to an online application process for the June 1, 2014 deadline.

Organizations interested in submitting an online proposal must first submit a brief written inquiry of no more than 1 page that provides an overview of the project, states the project’s purpose and its potential impact, identifies if it is a new, expanded, or ongoing project, and states the project’s overall cost. Submit this no later than May 9, 2014 to The foundation will let you know within 5 working days if a full application will be considered.  Accepting a full proposal for consideration does not imply that a grant will be made.

Organizations that have not submitted an inquiry and had a response from the foundation will not be able to submit an online application.

During this transition period to the online system, we are not able to have telephone conversations about potential projects.  We will hope to return to having phone and in-person conversations in the future, after we have assessed how the online process works.

Deadlines: We have two grant cycles, in March and September.
We will accept proposals during the following time periods:
November 1 - December 1 (or next business day) for the March meeting.
May 1 - June 1 (or the next business day) for the September meeting.

Funding Decisions: Funding decisions will be mailed by the end of March and September.

Current Interests
As indicated in our Mission statement, our current focus areas are the arts, youth education, and programs that serve less advantaged populations. We particularly encourage collaborative efforts and projects that blend or combine our funding interests.

Grant Range: Our grants typically fall in the $3,000-$5,000 range.

Application Instructions
First, please submit a brief written inquiry, as described above, to We will let you know if a full application will be accepted. Accepting a full proposal does not imply that a grant will be made. The full application is now online and you will be guided through a series of questions to answer. Because the form does not allow for easy editing, we recommend that you write your proposal in word processing program and then copy and paste your responses into online form. The form does not accept formatting (e.g., bold fonts, underlining, bullets).

You will be asked to upload the following documents:

  1. A 1-page cover letter on the organization’s letterhead.
  2. A copy of the organization’s federal tax-exempt certification under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If your IRS letter does not include your organization's employer identification number (EIN), please write it on the copy submitted.  
  3. A project budget using this form: project budget form
  4. A list of the Board of Directors

Applications must be complete by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the deadline.

No hard-copy proposals will be accepted.

CONTACT US 919.493.5591

Application processes are changing significantly. Click here for details.